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The Hydroelectric Power Producing Areas Development Commission was established by an Act of the National Assembly to address ecological challenges from the operations of Hydroelectric Dams. 



Hydroelectric Power Producing Areas Development Commission (Establishment) Act was passed and signed.



the act was amended to include Benue and Plateau states and replaces 30% revenue derived from the total revenue accruing to the companies or authorities operating in the host communities with 10% revenue derived from concessioning of the hydro plants and royalties paid to the Federal Government.

Amendment ll


Amendment of the HYPPADEC Act by reducing the percentage from 30%to 10%,on the total revenue deductible from revenue generated by any company or authority from the operations of any hydroelectric dam, in any member state of the Commission



in 2020, President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, constituted Governing Council for the Commission which was inaugurated in December,2020.

Beautiful Nature

To harness resources in the most transparent, acceptable and cost-efficient manner towards ameliorating the negative effects of hydroelectric dam operations in HYPPADEC member states.


To bring equitable and sustainable development that will impact positively on HYPPADEC member states.

Core Responsibility

The Hydroelectric Power Producing Areas Development Commission is charged with the responsibility of formulating policies and guidelines for the development of hydroelectric power producing areas and managing ecological menace due to operations of dams and other hydroelectric power activities.

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